How do I participate in an intercession set? What are we trying to accomplish through it?

The intercession set is essentially a time for all of us together to ask in prayer for people other than ourselves. Typically, our prayer room focuses on some large themes related to Winnipeg (and even all of Manitoba). You will hear us pray for everyone in the city that they would encounter Jesus and come to him. Or, you will hear us pray for the Church in the city (all of it!) that God reveals himself to her in new ways and strengthens her for the kingdom purposes he has planned here. Sometimes we will pray for universities and colleges. Sometimes it will be for the new people that come to our city each day from the nations of the earth. Sometimes it will be related to social justice issues. Frequently, you will hear the call for revival, the promised outpouring of His power that is going to transform our city. And often we will pray for Israel and the Jewish people in our city, the covenant people of God from Abraham’s day and living here among us right now.

The best way to engage and participate is to agree with the person praying on the mic. There is real power in coming into agreement as we pray together. Engage God as you sit there and let him hear your YES! even as someone else takes the lead in the room. When we are singing a worship song to him, join in and make it your own. Together it rises up before the One who hears it all and will act upon the requests of his people. This city is going to be powerfully encountered and you can play a role in seeing it come to pass.

How do I participate in a devotional set? What are you trying to do there?

The devotional set is equally important to the intercession set where we pray for the city. At first glance, it just seems like worship together—how can that be as important? But, the devotional set is all about you connecting your heart to Jesus, gazing upon him and being impacted by the transcendent beauty you see in him. There is no one else like him and he is perfect and glorious in every aspect of his being. Spending the time simply looking at him in these areas and listening to what he is saying, through the bible and even to you directly, has enormous impact on your soul. You were made to see such glorious beauty, and you will respond in worship when you get near to him in this way.

As much as you might want to get down to the work of prayer for the city, pause and be before him with the intentional goal of seeing and knowing him more deeply. This glorious One is the answer for every prayer you are going to pray, and he longs to have you near him in friendship at a deep heart level before we get to working together. To engage in this set, sing the songs as they move your heart, read the scriptures (any part of them) and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal more of what God is like and open yourself up to really connecting with his heart and mind.

Why does the music never stop in the prayer room?

This prayer room combines intercession from the microphone with continual worship for some good reasons. First, we see songs and music included as worship unto God on his throne in the Heavenly Temple (see the book of Revelation 4-5 for more). When the temple is built by Solomon in the Old Testament we see that music, singing and prayer are again joined together as part of the temple activity. We want to mirror what is the pattern of heaven by engaging in music as we pray. But, it’s also for a very practical reason—worship music helps us to engage our hearts more easily. Singing moves us emotionally and that is a very important part of connecting with him, “loving him fully with our heart, soul, mind and strength.” Join in with the rhythm of music and prayers in our house and soon you will feel the power of not just asking for help, but letting your heart rise to declare his goodness.

How do I give?

SHOP is a ministry that relies on God to provide for our needs and the assignment he has given this community in worship and prayer. One of the ways he does this is through the generous support of people who obey the leading of the Lord to give. We are a registered charity with the Canadian government and are able to issue donation receipts. Because of our recent pandemic disruptions, most people give through electronic means, finding it easier and always available. If you feel that you are being encouraged by the Lord to contribute or even regularly support this ministry, you can find out how to do this by going to our “GIVING” page on this site.

How can I be involved?

This is a good question! Because of the pandemic disruptions, we are doing less than we used to. But, we intend to grow back into many different areas in the months and years ahead. Currently, the best way to contribute to the activity of this house is by joining a worship team. Talk to one of the leaders while you are with us and we will give you more details on what to do next.

But, it’s best to think about being in the prayer meetings, any of our sets really, as already involving yourself. If you are in your seat and praying along in agreement with the rest of us, you are involved! We need everyone who wants to participate and value every heart and voice that will come with us in worship and prayer. The tasks of helping the house run better will emerge soon enough.

What do you do for discipleship and community?

Because SHOP is an activity-focused ministry, we tend to find our community by doing the God-given assignment of worship and prayer together. Being on a team means you will get to know a few even better and will grow together as you consider the scriptures you are singing and praying through.

Small groups are available in this house and it would be great if you were willing to join one. The benefit of meeting in a smaller setting to share your life experiences and what God us saying to you will be a great benefit to others. See one of our leaders when you are with us and we will help you find your way into a small group.

In terms of discipleship, watch for online classes made available through our house. They can take you deeper. In the past, we have run short term internships for young adults, hosted conferences with international speakers and sought to equip ourselves and anyone who wants to grow in knowing God. And, there is more to come in these areas in the future. We want you equipped to do the work of the kingdom and serve in worship and prayer.